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Hi-Pointe Capital arranges commercial mortgages for real estate projects and we also arrange business loans for companies in a wide variety of industries. Most of our solutions are based on debt, although a few of our resources also offer private equity. Our resources are typically national in scope and offer very competitive terms within their space. In some of the areas in which we work, we offer access to a spectrum of solutions along a risk / reward curve.

The types of loan programs that we access also appeal to a broad range of borrowers, from those that are experienced, successful, and that have strong credit to those that are start ups, financially weak, or that have poor credit. The amount of financing that we access also covers a large range going from under $20,000 to over $20,000,000 per project or per loan.

A high level overview of the types of resources that we offer follows.   


Commercial Mortgages

The commercial mortgages that our resources offer primarily provide permanent financing for commercial real estate, although they also offer bridge loans and even equity for certain product types that qualify. Contact us for loans on multi-family properties, mixed use, office, retail, light industrial, single tenant, senior living, and hospitality. The types of solutions that we offer range from non-recourse to stated income. .


Business Loans

The commercial financing that we offer covers a wide range of types of solutions, from a revolving line of credit, to factoring, to commercial equipment leasing, and more. Our solutions appeal to a range of company sizes from middle market companies to those who seek small business loans. The commercial financing that we arrange also covers a wide range of situations, from borrowers that are experienced and financially strong, to those that are inexperienced, have poor credit, or that have poor cash flow.

Where to Go For More Information

For an overview of the types of loan programs that we access, you can refer to the “Loan Programs” page of our web site. For more detailed information about particular loan programs, you can refer to the web pages as listed to the left of this paragraph: Commercial Real Estate Financing, Asset Based Lending, Factoring, Equipment Leasing and Other Loan Programs.

How We Work With Borrowers and Referral Sources

We do not require borrowers to work with us exclusively so they remain free to pursue other financing alternatives.

We also offer generous referral fees to brokers, consultants, and others for referring projects to us for which we arrange financing. Most of the projects on which we work come from referral sources.

To learn more about us, and about working with us as a borrower or a broker, you can refer to the “About Us” page of this web site.

Call Us Today

Contact us today to discuss our resources, a specific project, or how we can work together to arrange a commercial mortgage for you or a commercial loan for your business. If you seek financing for commercial property or for business credit, we probably have a solution for you.


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